RaceJoy Live Runner Tracking

Live runner tracking in RaceJoy brought to you for free by Watkins Glen International 

Follow the instructions below or view the tutorial video at the bottom of the page. You can also download a copy of the instructions here. If you still have additional questions, please stop by the Information Table at the Expo or check out the RaceJoy website for additional support!

IMPORTANT: In order for tracking to work, the runner must carry their phone with them on race day with the RaceJoy app running and the tracking enabled!

Live runner tracking is available this year using the RaceJoy mobile app for iPhones and Android devices. 

To get started, please download the RaceJoy app from the App Store or GooglePlay.

When you have downloaded the app, open it and look for the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon, Half Marathon listing in Featured Races under New York.


To setup your phone as a race participant to be tracked by someone, select the "I Want To Be Tracked" option.

  • Create a RaceJoy profile using the same information that you submitted when you registered for the race
  • Select which course you are doing and enter your BIB number when prompted (if you do not have your BIB number yet, you can choose the BIB pending option)
  • Select your name in the list to link your RaceJoy profile to your race registration
  • Confirm your profile
  • Confirm that the device you are using is the device you will be carrying with you along the course on race day
  • Setup the options you want for tracking (GPS Progress & Audio Alerts are on by default), if you choose the Facebook and Twitter options, you will need to grant access to RaceJoy to post on your behalf
  • Test your tracking to see if your device is connecting with RaceJoy

You can share on social media and send personal invitations to family & friends to track you on race day!

  • Make sure that your Location Services are ALWAYS ON for RaceJoy
  • Make sure that Background App Refresh is ON for RaceJoy
  • Make sure that WiFi is turned off on your phone on race day so that tracking is not interrupted with your device seeking out wireless networks


To setup your phone as a spectator who is tracking a runner, select the "I Want To Track Someone" option.

  • Confirm that the person you want to track or Send-a-Cheer to has RaceJoy setup by searching their name or BIB number
  • Select the user from the list by clicking the plus icon
  • Create a spectator login by entering YOUR name and email address - DO NOT ENTER THE RUNNER'S INFORMATION!
  • Confirm your profile information
  • Select the alerts you want to receive on your device from the runner you are tracking

You are now ready to track your runner on race day!