Rules & Regulations

Deferral Policy, Transferring Bib Policy, and Event Transfer (Switching) Policy

No Race Day Bib Pick Up at the Start Lines for either the Full or Half Marathon 

All runners must have a bib when boarding a bus to the start line.  No Exceptions.  


Your registration is non-refundable.   The Wineglass Marathon is pleased to offer participants optional Event Insurance that can be purchased for a small additional fee when registering for the full and half marathons.  If you purchased Event Insurance during registration and would like to request a refund, please contact AGA Service Agency.  Detailed information can be found HERE.  

Deferral Policy

Your registration for the Wineglass Marathon and Half-Marathon is non-refundable and non-transferable. However, if you have registered but find you are unable to participate, you may choose to defer your entry to 2024.  Deferrals will open on  July 1, 2023 and close on September 1, 2023 or when the program has reached its limit.  A limited number of deferrals will be available.  

Deferrals are accepted through our on-line registration site, RunSignUp.  Log into your Profile, My Registered Races, View/Edit Registration, Defer Registration. The deferral fee is $60.00.  This allows you to defer to 2024 and not incur a cost when registering using your deferral coupon code for your 2023 entry.  You can only defer for one year.  Your coupon code will be issued at the time registration opens for 2024.  The coupon code must be used to enter the same race you were initially registered for.  In other words, if you deferred from the 2023 full marathon, you must register for the 2024 full marathon.   VIP deferrals will receive a full marathon registration in 2024, as the remainder of your registration is considered a donation to the Wineglass Scholarship Fund.  Deferring does not guarantee a spot in next year's race. You must register using the deferral coupon code.  Deferral coupon codes expire March 1st, 2024 or when the event sells out, whichever occurs first. Please do not wait to register using your deferral coupon code.

Transferring (Selling) Bib Policy

The transferring or selling of your bib to another runner is not allowed under any circumstances. It will result in the disqualification of the person who is running under the name and bib of the original entry. Bibs are assigned and must be picked up / verified by the person who originally entered. Likewise, results are reported based on the original entry. Disqualification will result from anyone running with a bib that is not assigned to them by Wineglass. 

Event Transfer (Switching) Policy

Your registration for the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon or Half Marathon is non-refundable. However, if you have registered but wish to transfer or switch by “upgrading” or “downgrading” you may do so by logging into your RunSignUp account and going to Profile > My Registered Races > Manage Registration > Transfer Event. The transfer fee is $30.  You will also be charged for the difference between what you originally paid and the current cost of the new registration. If the race you want to transfer to has filled, you may request to transfer using the waitlist by following the instructions outlined HERE. Transfers from the half and full marathons to the StorFlex 5K are not allowed.

Wheelchairs (Push Rim) 

For wheelchair (Push Rim) entry, please submit your request to  Note: Only Push Rim's permitted on the course. All participants MUST take a Bus to the Start Line.

Bus Transportation 

Due to security and public safety reasons, it is required that ALL runners arrive by bus to the start of the Full and Half Marathons. Runners may be stopped and held until after the race starts if law enforcement sees them attempting to enter on foot or by car.

When registering, runners must choose whether to take the bus from Pulteney Square in Bath or Tioga Avenue in Corning on race morning. Pulteney Square in Bath is a 5-minute bus ride to the start of the Full Marathon.  Corning is the finish line. The distance by bus to the Half Marathon start line is the same from either Bath or Corning. This information helps us plan for the number of buses needed at each location.  After the races, buses will return runners to Bath ONLY (Pulteney Square) at regular intervals between 10:00 am - 3 pm from the Transportation Center, 85 Denison Parkway E., for car pickup.