Course Stations

Comfort Stations, Aid Stations and Course Fluids

Comfort Stations

Portable toilets will be located at the start lines and at every Fluid Station.    Please respect the property owners along the course and use the portable toilets we have provided. Thank you!

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations along the course at

  • Mile 7.8
  • Mile 13.3 (just after the start line for the half marathon)
  • Mile 17.8
  • Mile 21.5
  • Mile 23

The course will be supported by bikers. We will have almost 20 bikers on the course wearing green "Bike Support" vests. They will be there to help direct runners/walkers as some of the faster full marathoners come upon the half marathoners. They can also assist you in getting help if you need it.

The course is also supported by a large number of ham radio operators/experts. If you need help and are not near an aid station they will be happy to assist you.

Course Fluid

The replenishment drink on the Wineglass course (marathon and half marathon) will be  Raspberry  Lemonade Huma Hydration Electrolytes . This will be made up at each station from powdered mix.  Huma Hydration  (Raspberry Lemonade)  will be available starting with the 2 mile water station. Huma Hydration will be offered first (initial tables) with water offered last (later tables) at each station.

The current plan is to have marathon water stations located at the following approximate mile locations:

  • Mile 2.4 
  • Mile 4
  • Mile 7.8
  • Mile 10
  • Mile 12
  • Mile 13.3
  • Mile 14
  • Mile 16
  • Mile 17.8
  • Mile 19
  • Mile 20.5
  • Mile 21.5
  • Mile 23
  • Mile 24
  • Mile 25
  • Mile 25.5

This corresponds to the following distances for the half marathon:

  • Mile 0.9
  • Mile 2.7
  • Mile 4.4
  • Mile 5.9
  • Mile 7.4
  • Mile 8.4
  • Mile 9.4
  • Mile 10.1
  • Mile 12


Gel stations will be set up at 7.8, 13.3 and 19 mile water stations.  HUMA Chi Gels, in a varity of flavors will be offered this year.