Corning, NY - The Wineglass Marathon has been named one of "13 Incredible Destination Races That Are Totally Worth the Trip" by The Active Times.

The Wineglass Marathon is one of only six US marathons to be named to the list along with international races in Italy, Ireland, Kenya, and others.

Held on October 5 of this year, the Wineglass Marathon had 2,500 registered runners with another 3,000 registered for the popular half marathon distance. The Wineglass field included runners from 43 states and 8 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Ecuador and Bulgaria.

"I'm a New York native and I know just how incredibly scenic the Finger Lakes region can be in the Fall," says Katie Rosenbrock, editor of The Active Times. "Although I haven't yet had the chance to run the course myself, I've heard only good things about the race from other runners who have been lucky enough to run it in the past. That's why I chose to include the Wineglass Marathon in my round-up."

Runners begin the scenic 26.2 mile race in Bath, NY and cross the finish at Centerway Square, located on Corning's Historic Market Street. During their time spent off the course, competitors are invited to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty and Fall foliage of the Finger Lakes region, the rich glass heritage and art scene that has shaped Corning's history, and the local wine culture that contributes to the marathon's name.

"Named one of the country's top destination marathons, the Wineglass Marathon is the perfect destination for a scenic race and getaway," says Megan McHale, contributor to The Active Times.

The Wineglass Marathon continues to grow each year as new runners choose the inviting atmosphere to experience their first marathon and competitive athletes choose the race to boast qualifying times for other major events, such as the Boston Marathon.

"Even after 33 years and thousands of runners, we are still excited to be a part of each runner's Wineglass Marathon experience as they discover all our region has to offer ," added Coleen Fabrizi, Executive Director of Corning's Gaffer District and Wineglass Marathon volunteer. "It is a special honor to be at the Finish Line and share their moment of triumph and reward in pursuit of their individual goals."

Marathon race co-directors Mark Landin and Sheila Sutton have seen a surge of interest in recent years from groups of women running together and making the Wineglass a girls' weekend getaway.

"The Wineglass half marathon is 75% women registrants," according to Sutton. "And the full is at 60% - making the Wineglass the highest percentage of women in a major co-ed marathon in the U.S."

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