Corning, NY – With the 30th Anniversary Wineglass Marathon in the books, race directors began preparations for the 2012 immediately following the October event.

In a literally exponential attendance growth over the past five years, the greater Corning community has grown to host more than 3,000 runners each year – and the field has shown no signs of slowing down. One effort made to accommodate more runners for the 2012 race included opening the registration for the race early, on December 1, 2011.

Within the first two weeks of registration, more than 250 runners from 17 states signed up for the increasingly-popular marathon held each fall in the Corning area. In addition to the early registration, race organizers are preparing to accommodate up to 4,000 runners this year, an expansion of 1,000 from 2011. The 2011 race also closed out registration in July – more than 90 days before the actual race – leaving many runners on a waiting list for any coveted Wineglass numbers that might open up.

"Our attendance has surged over the past five years – a growth that has not only provided a boost to our local economy but also reflects a nationwide interest in running," states Race Director Mark Landin. "We are privileged to host runners from around the world in the beautiful Finger Lakes region and we're looking forward to another great year."

Changes for the 2012 race – scheduled Sunday, September 30th – include more than just a larger field of participants. Race directors are pleased to announce a new Wineglass 5K, a short-distance running event to be held during race weekend. The 5K is expected to draw hundreds from the local communities and continue to add excitement to the marathon weekend.

Participants wishing to register for the full marathon, half marathon and 5K are now able to do so by visiting