Wineglass Marathon organizers are proud to announce that Bottles & Corks will become the first organization to sponsor all Wineglass events, and contribute to the addition of an official Wineglass Marathon Homestretch Cheer Zone.

In support of the full marathon, half marathon and 5K, during Wineglass Weekend, October 2-4, 2015, Bottles & Corks will act as the official corporate sponsor of the Wineglass Marathon Homestretch Cheer Zone. This marks the first year that an official cheer zone will be located on the course.

The cheer zone will be situated just past the intersection of Market and Bridge St., the beginning of the last stretch of the course before the finish near Centerway Square on Historic Market Street. In addition to cheering on the runners, the zone will also play motivational music and provide support until the last runner crosses the finish. The placement of the cheer zone is not only convenient for Bottles & Corks, but incredibly important for the marathon and half marathon runners as well.

"We couldn't have asked for a better partner to sponsor the official Homestretch Cheer Zone, the location is perfect," said Sheila Sutton, Wineglass Marathon Co-Director. "As a runner, it's really meaningful to turn the corner before the last bit of the race and be met with countless people cheering you on."

"You've already ran either 13 or 26 miles, the support might be the extra push you need to finish the race strong," she added.

Bottles & Corks will also provide special gift baskets, featuring wine related products, as awards to the winners of the upcoming GlassFest 8K, the morning of May 23. A Bottles & Corks representative will be at the finish line of the race to present six gift baskets to the winners of the men's and women's elite, masters and veteran categories.

The GlassFest 8K continues to grow as a popular community event. Runners wishing to register for the race may do so in-person on Friday, May 22 at the Information Center of Corning, as well as the morning of the race on Saturday, May 23 at War Memorial Stadium, starting at 7am.

"The Wineglass Marathon events are highly anticipated for our customers and the community," said Mary Beth Grimaldi-Maxa, co-owner of Bottles & Corks. "There's so much energy and excitement, and being the first sponsor across all Wineglass events this year, particularly of the Official Homestretch Cheer Zone, is the perfect way to celebrate our running community."

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