b'WELCOME RUNNERS!With so many races5K, the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon, or the giving you optionsWegmans Wineglass Half Marathon, we wish you to run anywhere youmuch success! desire, thank you for choosing to runCorning and the Finger Lakes have so much to with us!Wineglassoffer. From family-friendly museums to wine, Weekend is all aboutbeer, and distillery trails, there is something for you!It is time to trusteveryone. We hope you can take advantage of your training andthe many exciting experiences Corning and the all your hard work. Finger Lakes Region offer and consider coming Whatever your goals,back at another time to run with us again or a new PR or Bostonmerely visit.qualifier is within your reach. May the miles be many and always good to you!We have an incredible team of over 2,000 dedicated volunteers, partners, and sponsors toSheila W. Suttonensure that you have a successful and enjoyableRace Director, Wineglass Race Seriesweekend experience. We couldnt do it without them or you!We welcome back those of you who joined us in May for a sold-out Wineglass 8K, the first event in the Challenge Series, and we look forward to new faces. Whether you are here to run the Storflex Hear what our runnershave to say about this race!click on the image aboveWINEGLASSMARATHON.COM 3'