b'RACE WINEGLASS SATURDAY, MAY 25, 20241 The first event in the Wineglass Race Series, it 8K is a great way to kick off the summer and your Wineglass Challenge! RACE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2024The Storflex 5K is a family-friendly event that gives 2 runners of all ages and skill levels the chance to participate. Runners will toe the start line for aflat, out-and-back course.WINEGLASS PINOT CHALLENGERACE SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2024Runners will take to the roads on 3 this point-to-point course from Campbell, NY (the halfway point of the Full Marathon) to the finish line on Historic Market Street in Corning.OR 8K 5K 13.1M 34.1KWINEGLASS RIESLING CHALLENGESUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2024The Guthrie Wineglass Marathon is the second largest marathon in New York State. The Wineglass course is a fast, flat, scenic point-to-point course through the Southern Finger Lakes. 8K 5K 26.2M 55.2KWINEGLASSMARATHON.COM 11'