Transfers & Switching

Transferring (Selling) Bib Policy

The transferring or selling of your bib to another runner is not allowed under any circumstances. It will result in the disqualification of the person who is running under the name and bib of the original entry. Bibs are assigned and must be picked up / verified by the person who originally entered. Likewise, results are reported based on the original entry. Disqualification will be the result of anyone running with a bib that is not assigned to them by the Wineglass Marathon.

Event Transfer (Switching) Policy

Your registration for the Wineglass Marathon or Half Marathon is non-refundable. However, if you have registered but wish to transfer or switch by "upgrading" or "downgrading" you may do so by logging into your RunSignUp account and going to Profile > My Registered Races > Manage Registration > Transfer Event.  You will also be charged the difference between what you originally paid and the current cost of the new registration. If the race you want to transfer to has been filled, you may request to transfer using the waitlist by following the instructions outlined HERE. Transfers from the half and full marathons to the 5K are not allowed.