Frequently Asked Questions


1. When is the 2014 Wineglass?

2. When does registration open for 2014?


3. Where do I pick up my champagne and glass?

4. Why do I have to go somewhere else for the champagne and glass?

5. Can I get a different sized shirt than I ordered?

6. I forgot my shoes... or the airline lost my luggage. Help!

7. Can I purchase another marathon shirt?

Buses to Starts

8. Will you have buses to the start lines from Corning and what’s the schedule?

9. Can I drive and park at the start?

10. Where do I park if I’m riding a bus to the start?

11. Will there be adequate capacity on the morning buses to the start lines?

12. Can my friend ride with me on the bus to the start?

13. Is there somewhere at the starts to stay warm?


14. Do I pick up my bib and chip separately?

15. Can someone else pick up my bib?

16. Can I wear my bib under my sweatshirt?

17. What if I lose my bib?

18. Can I pick up my bib at the start?


19. Can I switch from the half to the full (or the full to the half)?

20. Can I swap my place in the full with someone who wants to switch to the half?


21. Where can I find pasta and gluten free options for my Saturday pre-race meal?

Gear Check

22. Is there a place to check our bags at the start?


23. Where are the viewing areas?

24. Are there wave starts or not?

25. Which roads will be closed or changed on Sunday morning?

26. Can someone bike with me on the course?

27. Where are the water stations and will you have fuels available?

28. Can my children run with me across the finish line?


29. Can I still register for the 5K run on Saturday?

30. Where does the Saturday 5K start?

Post Race

31. Do you have massage or therapists available after the race?

32. Are there shuttles back to the start line after the race so I can pick up my car?

33. Where can I find my time?

34. What can I do after the race?

35. Where and what time are the awards?

36. I dropped my medal and it broke. Can I get a replacement?

37. How late will showers be available at the Corning YMCA?

38. Is there a lost and found?

Wineglass Weekend is fast approaching!  We hope you’re joining us October 3-5 in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes. We’re welcoming a record field of almost 6,000 runners to our flat, fast and scenic course from Bath to Corning with its picturesque finish on Historic Market Street.  The Corning Museum of Glass is our new host of the Wineglass Expo where you’ll see an expanded array of vendors and our world class museum.  Named one of the country’s top destination marathons, the 33rd Annual Wineglass Marathon has a new start time (8:15AM) and a new requirement to take a bus to the start line – no drop-off or parking at the start.  Make sure you’re familiar with the new requirements so you have your best run on Sunday! The wildly popular Wineglass Half Marathon in its fourth year goes off at 7:45AM on Sunday.  Named a “must-do” half marathon, this very popular distance filled to capacity before the full marathon and is sponsored for the first time by Seneca Lake Wine Trail. We love that so many runners make the Wineglass their first-ever half marathon. We want everyone to take part in the weekend, so come join us for the Wineglass 5K at 8:30AM on Saturday, October 4.  It’s a fun and easy warm up, and is the one weekend race where REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN!