Rules, Regulations & Forms : For Runners

Wineglass Marathon: Deferral Policy 

Your registration for the Wineglass Marathon and Half-Marathon is non-refundable and non-transferable. However, if you have registered but find you are unable to participate you may choose to defer your entry to 2014.  Please read the policy details below:

 Deferrals are accepted through our on-line registration site (ChronoTrack) only beginning, June 12, 2013 and will close on August 4, 2013.  No deferrals can be accepted after August 4, 2013.   


  •   Entrant may defer for any reason
  •   Runners seeking a deferral must defer by July 21, 2013
  •   Once a deferral is requested and payment made, the decision is final
  •   Deferrals are good for One Year Only
  •   Deferrals may not be transferred to another runner
  •   Deferrals may be used for entry into the event originally registered only (the Marathon or   Half-Marathon)
  •   Deferrals may not be used for the GlassFest 8K or 5K or any other Wineglass Marathon     presenting Race.
  •   An entrant with a deferral must pay $30 at the time of the request for the deferral to be     valid for the 2014 event.
  •   Payment for a deferral and the request must be completed on-line at ChronoTrack only.   No Paper Deferrals will be accepted.
  •   An entry Coupon Code will be sent to all that deferred by January 31, 2014
  •   A “complimentary entry” Coupon Code must be used by April 30, 2014 for the entrant to   have a completed deferral and to be registered in the 2014 event.
  •   All Coupon Codes for 2014 Deferrals will expire if not used by April 30, 2014 without           exception.
  •   No Refunds will be made for the $30 deferral fee


Wineglass Marathon: Event Change (Switching) Policy

Your registration for the Wineglass Marathon or Half-Marathon is non-refundable. However, if you have registered but wish to switch by “Upgrading” or “Downgrading” you may do so. Please read the policy details below:

  • Switches are accepted on-line only by registering for the desired Switch.
  • Entrant may Switch for any reason
  • Runners seeking a downgrade from the Full to the Half will not receive a refund
  • Once a Switch is requested, the decision is final
  • Switches may occur only between the Marathon and Half Marathon (the 5K is not eligible in this process)
  • Allow Changes Starting March 5, 2013.
  • Close Changes on August 31, 2013 (or when the event being changed to is full)
  • All Change Fees Include a $15 Automatic Charge
  • All Changes to be done Online Using Coupon Codes
  • Different Total Change Fee between Full (changing to Half) and Half (changing to Full)
  • Total Change Fee Increases to 4 different levels (over 4 specified time periods)
  • Total Change Fee is Constant during EACH Time Period (for each event)
  • For all Upgrades the difference between the entry fee for two events from the time of the original registration (half marathon entry) and the fee at the time of the request (full marathon entry) must be added to the Administration Fee.

Time Period

Full to Half Marathon Change

Half to Full Marathon Change

3/1 – 3/31/13



4/1 – 5/31/13



6/1 – 7/31/13



8/1 – 8/31/13



***Registration for the Event Change or Switch is done like when you registered for the Full or Half Marathon.  The Event Change/Switch is an event you will select. 

Earlier Later

The Wineglass Marathon Weekend Events will be held October 3rd, 2014 - October 5th, 2014.  The events include the Wineglass Expo, Wineglass 5K sponsored by the Community Foundation, Wineglass Marathon presented by Arnot Health and the Wineglass Half Marathon. October 5, 2014 at 8:15 am the Wineglass Marathon  will mark its 33rd year running! The Wineglass Marathon is considered one of the top destination Marathons in the US. Run in the heart of the Finger Lakes, the Wineglass Marathon is a flat, fast and scenic 26.2 miles starting in Bath, NY and finishing in Corning, NY on historic Market Street. In 2011, a new tradition was born with the running of the inaugural Wineglass Half Marathon. This very popular distance is again expected to fill to capacity in its fourth year. Wineglass Weekend will also feature the Third Annual Wineglass 5K on Saturday, October 4th  sponsored for the third year by the Community Foundation of Elmira, Corning & the Finger Lakes. Registration for all three events is NOW OPEN!