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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

Rules & Regulations
Can I transfer my entry and bib to another runner?

The transferring or selling of your bib to another runner is not allowed under ANY circumstance. It will result in the disqualification of the original registrant.

Can I switch from the half to the full, or the full to the half?

No. Because both races are sold out, we cannot accommodate switches this year.

Can I swap my place in the full with someone who wants to switch to the half?

No. Switches are not allowed and will result in disqualification.

Can I wear my bib under my sweatshirt?

No.  Bibs must be worn on the outside of all clothing at both the start and finish lines in order for chips to read effectively.  Your bib must be visible at all times.  Make sure NOT to bend the strips and that all emergency information on the back of the bib is complete.  This is critical should you need medical attention on the course.

Expo – Bib & Schwag Pick-up
Where is the Expo and where do I park?

The Expo is in the Corning Museum of Glass auditorium, with the most convenient parking in the lot adjacent to the west end of CMOG. See hours and additional information about Expo + Bib & Packet Pickup

Do I pick up my bib and chip separately?

No.  Your chip is included in your bib.  Be careful not to bend or fold your bib as your chip is on the back.

Can I pick up my bib at the start?

Yes. If you are arriving the morning of the race, you can pick up your bib and clear plastic gear check bag from race personnel at the start beginning at 6:30AM. Your marathon shirt, schwag bag, and champagne and wine glass can be picked up after the race at the Wineglass Expo located at the Corning Museum of Glass between 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Can someone else pick up my bib?

Yes, but the person must show verification – either your confirmation number or a signed letter indicating your approval with a copy of their ID.

Can I get a different sized shirt than I ordered?

You cannot exchange during the Expo, but feel free to stop by the Expo location at the Corning Museum of Glass on Sunday AFTER (11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Sunday) the races to see if an extra shirt in the size you desire is available.  Exchanged shirts must be unworn.

What vendors will be at the Expo?

New vendors are signing up every day to be a part of our Expo - we'll try to keep this list of confirmed vendors as up to date as possible!

Where can I purchase Wineglass merchandise?

TopStitch will be selling lots of Wineglass apparel at the Expo on Friday and Saturday as well as Sunday from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  Please see the Wineglass Store that is well supplied with Wineglass merchandise.  Items including "In Training" appearl and finisher's items.

The Information Center is also selling clearance priced tech shirts, beanies and other goodies from prior years all weekend!

Race Day: Start Lines, Buses, & Parking
Will you have buses to the start lines and what's the schedule?

You MUST take a bus to the start line for both races. No parking or drop off will be allowed at either start. Bus shuttles are free and for runners only. Park in Corning near the finish line or in Bath near Pulteney Park and get buses to EITHER start line according to the offical bus schedule


Will there be adequate capacity on the morning buses to the start lines?

Our shuttle service to the start lines has always been a smooth process.  We have planned for and added more buses to accommodate the increased number of runners.  However, we ask that you be ready to board a bus before the last buses are leaving to ensure an on-time, stress-free ride!  The last Bus will depart No Later than 7:00 AM.  Please DO NOT wait for the last Bus departure time. Don’t let a missed bus be the reason you can’t start your race!

Can my friend ride with me on the bus to the start?

The buses are for runners only!

What if I miss the last bus from Corning to the start line?

Full Marathon Start

With our bus schedule, you would be able to drive to Bath and park in the Pulteney Park area. Then jump on one of the last shuttles from Pulteney Park to the start line – which is a 5-minute trip. Keep in mind that the last of those shuttles will leave from Pulteney Park at 7:30AM so this is a stressful option for you just before your race!

Half Marathon Start

No alternative is available. Drop off near the start line and high school is not allowed as most roads are closed except for buses. (The Campbell Savona High School is open to runners.  You can take an earlier bus and stay inside.)


Is there somewhere at the start to stay warm?

Buildings at both the full and half starts will be opened for runners to wait and stay warm and dry. Additionally, rest room facilities are available at both starts.

What if I lose my bib?

Please don't! We cannot provide replacement bibs to any runner, so make sure you keep it in a safe place after you pick it up. Make sure to pin it to your shirt that you will wear the day of the race.

Where do I get a clear gear check bag?

A clear drawstring bag is included in your runner schwag bag which you’ll pick up at the Expo with your bib.  (If you are picking up your bib at the start, bus volunteers in Corning and Pulteney Park in Bath will have extras for you.)  Bags have a sticker attached to them.  WRITE YOUR BIB NUMBER ON THE STICKER and tie the bag before handing to UPS bag check volunteers at the starts.

Is there a place to check our bags at the start?

Yes, but we will ONLY accept the CLEAR Gear Check Bags! You will receive one in your Runner's Goodie Bag. ALL items you wish to check must be in these bags. UPS Gear Check will NOT accept any other bags, boxes, luggage, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS. At the Expo, you'll pick up your bib first, then your shirt, and then your runner bag which will have a label affixed to it. Write your bib number with a Sharpie provided.

You will not be allowed to enter the bus to the start with a backpack or other large bag. Hydration packs are allowed but subject to search. Please plan accordingly!

If you are picking up your bib at the start and have not received your runner goodie bag with the clear bag in it, volunteers at the buses and start lines will have extra clear bags.

Look for the UPS trucks at the start of both the Full and the Half. Trucks are assigned different bib number ranges, so look for signage on each truck to ensure you hand your bag into the correct truck.

Can I drive and park at the start?

NO!  We have planned plenty of bus shuttles to both starts from Bath and Corning to make it easy to get on a bus regardless of where you’re staying.  The start of the full is just a 5 minute bus ride from Pulteney Park in Bath so those staying in Bath, Hammondsport and surrounding area will find this convenient.  Runner and driver safety is paramount and we cannot have runners walking across an active state highway.

Can I park at Philips Lighting in Bath and walk across to the start?

NO!   Runner safety is our highest priority, and law enforcement will not allow pedestrian traffic across a busy and active county highway.  Sheriff’s deputies will be ticketing drivers who stop to drop off runners.  Fortunately, Pulteney Park is just 1.5 miles farther south on Rt. 54 and has ample parking and accommodation for runners. 

Race Day: On the Course
Can someone bike with me on the course?

No, we have a group of authorized Bikers on the course that will be leading runners, moving runners to the side if needed and providing necessary support. Other bikers will be asked to leave the course if riding with a runner and the runner is at risk for being disqualified.

Where are the water stations, and will you have fuels available?

Yes. See addtional information on our Course Stations page. 

Is there medical on the course?

Yes. There is on-course medical assistnace, plus a larger medical tent at the finish line. See additional information on our Course Stations page. 

How long will I have to finish?

Half marathoners will have 7 hours to finish. Full marathoners will have 6.5 hours to finish. As both the half and the full marathons are point to point races on the same course, length of time to finish is dictated by when the whole course closes.

What happens if I can't finish?

We'll have buses which will loop around to the five medical tents on the course picking up runners who cannot continue and bringing them to the finish line area. This service is only for runners who are stable and will not need medical attention en route.

Can my children/friend(s) run with me across the finish line?

While we understand that you'd love to share your achievement with your children alongside, for the safety of your children and other runners, we are not allowing anyone without a bib on this part of the course. Our finish line area must be restricted so that medical staff can effectively access and treat runners. We appreciate your cooperation.

Where are the viewing areas?

Your marathon program, included in your bag, has a complete map of the course and designated viewing areas for your family and friends. Please remember that stopping along Interstate 86 to observe the race is unsafe and strictly prohibited.

Saturday 5K
Can I still register for the 5K run on Saturday?

Yes! Learn more and register now.

In addition, the 5K table at the Expo is available for registration on Friday, or you can register before the 8:30AM race on site at the Corning War Memorial Stadium (at the Corning Painted Post High School 201 Cantigny St.) on Saturday morning starting at 7:00AM. Registration will close promptly at 8AM with bib pick-up for pre-registered runners continuing until 8:15AM. Registration on Friday and Saturday is $30.

Where does the Saturday 5K start?

Corning’s War Memorial Stadium is next to Corning Painted Post High School (201 Cantigny St.), across the street from the Corning Museum of Glass and Corning YMCA.  Registration and bib pickup will open at 7AM with the race starts at 8:30AM just outside of the High School entrance on Corning Blvd.  

After the Race...
Where can I find my time?

Your bib includes a QR code which can be scanned by your smart phone to access Auyer Timing's site and individual results. Information is batch loaded by Auyer Timing, so your chip time will be available within 15 minutes of finishing. Split times are not available via the QR code.

The link to results will be posted on by 8:00PM on race day.

How are results reported?

Results will be listed in two categories:

  1. Gun Time – time recorded when you cross the finish line; based on the actual gun start time of the race
  2. Chip Time – your personal time from when you crossed the start line timing mat until you cross the finish line
What if my Gun Time and Chip Time are the same?

This means you either started right at the front of the pack or that your chip did not register when you crossed the start line timing mat. Please be sure that your bib is on the front of your shirt or jacket and that you do not bend or damage the chip which is located on the back of each bib.

Where and what time are the awards?

Award ceremonies will be on Centerway Stage – next to the finish line. Awards will be given here for Open, Masters, and Veterans only. Age group awards can be picked up at the Information Center adjacent to Centerway Square. Awards not picked up on Sunday will not be mailed. They will be available Sunday and Monday after the race to allow you time to pick them up.

Awards Ceremony - Centerway Stage

  • Half Marathon 10:00 AM
  • Full Marathon  12:30 PM

Age Group Awards Available - Information Center

  • Half Marathon 11:00 PM
  • Full Marathon 1:00 PM
Where do I pick up my checked gear bag?

The UPS trucks will be parked on Market Street past the finish line in the easternmost block (closest to the Radisson) after the race.

Where can I find the sweatshirt/article I dropped at the clothing drop?

Volunteers follow the runners and pick up clothes dropped at designated drop areas. Please do not wear or drop clothing that you wish to get back. Clothing that is collected will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Is there a lost and found?

The information table at the Expo will have a lost & found. After 5PM Saturday, all items will be moved to The Information Center of Corning just off Centerway Square near the finish line. After Sunday, lost & found items will be in the Wineglass Marathon office, in the same building as the Information Center but a different office suite.

Can I get assistance stretching after the race?

Arnot Health has a crew of physical therapists and athletic trainers available in a tent just past the finish line and Centerway Square on Market Street for anyone wanting stretching or coaching for post-run cool-down and recovery. No charge for this added feature from our full marathon Presenting Sponsor!

How do I get back to my car in Bath?

Free shuttles will run on the half hour from 10AM to 3PM back to Pulteney Park in Bath. Buses leave from the Corning Transportation Center, 85 Denison Parkway East. This is the block just west of the Radisson and an easy walk from the finish line area.

I dropped my medal and it broke. Can I get a replacement?

Certainly! Stop into the Information Center with your bib and medal ribbon and we'll replace for you.

How late will showers be available at the Corning YMCA?

The Corning YMCA will be open Sunday from 9AM – 6PM for post-race showers for runners. Towels will not be provided so be sure to bring your own towel.

Where can I charge my phone?

The Transportation Center at 85 Denison Parkway East has a large charging unit for devices. The Transportation Center is located in the block just west of the Radisson Hotel Corning behind the last block of Market Street. Post-race buses to cars in Bath leave from here.

Where can I purchase tickets for the Saturday night pasta dinner where Colleen Kelly Alexander is speaking?

The Information Center of Corning is handling pre-sales of the pasta dinner at the Radisson Hotel Corning where Colleen is speaking. The dinner starts at 5:30PM. Tickets are $25 each and can be reserved by calling the Information Center at 866-463-6264 with a valid credit card. Tickets will be mailed to you or held at "Will call" at the Information Center 1 West Market St. Corning on Friday, 10/3 and until 3:00PM on Saturday, 10/4. After that time, "Will call" will be at the Radisson beginning at 4:30PM.

What restaurants are open in downtown Corning on Sunday?

Almost every restaurant throughout the Gaffer District will be open for runners, family and friends on Sunday. Check the large A-frame sign in Centerway Square for a complete list or pick up a printed listing at the Information Center of Corning, the Expo, or the Transportation Center (where post-race buses leave from).

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